Safeguard your Yard from Gypsy Moth!

After this year’s devastating gypsy moth infestation we’ve created a plan of action for property owners who want the best care for their mature trees and landscape.

If you have been affected by the gypsy moth caterpillar you are already in need of a deep root feeding in October. Defoliated trees are at risk of exhausting all their stored nutrients by forcing out a second set of leaves. This is especially critical if there is a drought period between now and next spring. Please water your trees this summer.


If you have been affected by gypsy moth caterpillars engage with us now these three ways:

1. Begin a basic organic tree care program in 2018 as a wise preventative for a wide range of pests including gypsy moth egg cases.

2. Sign up for a gypsy moth spray program before they begin chewing your trees, littering your yard with droppings and laying thousands more egg cases.

3. Have your trees deep root fed this October and in 2018.
Hungry gypsy moth caterpillars have been in growing numbers and wider geographical areas these past three years. Without intervention hatching eggs are likely to be in even greater abundance and
spread to wider areas in 2018.

Gypsy Moth caterpillars infesting the trunk of a tree, making their way to the leaves.

Our basic tree program works as follows:

  • March – dormant oil
  • April: Dormant Oil again
  • May: Insecticidal soap
  • October: Soap once more

Our Gypsy moth program between May & June:

Biological controls to kill feeding caterpillars. Between one and three applications depending on population pressure and other factors.


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