Tis’ the Season for Anti-Desiccant Spray


The temperatures are beginning to drop here on Long Island and it is time to begin scheduling anti-desiccant spray to your broad-leaved evergreens to be protected from the harsh cold of the winter.





What is desiccation & Anti-dessicant spray?

Desiccation is classified as extreme drying due to moisture loss from leaves transpiring. Certain trees are highly susceptible from winter burn from the extended below-freezing temperatures and winds.

Anti-desiccant spray is an organic based spray application that lasts for approximately three months throughout the winter, and helps to prevent water loss from your trees.

Are your babies ready to be put to sleep for the winter?!


When is this needed?

Right around Thanksgiving here on Long Island, when extended daytime temperatures begin to drop below 30 degrees Fahrenheit you want you trees to already be proteted.


Which plants need protection from the cold?

Apply an anti-desiccant spray to any and all of your broad-leaved evergreens:

  • Holly
  • Japanese skimmia
  • Leucothoe
  • Rhododendron
  • Skip laurel
  • Cherry laurel
  • Mountain laurel
  • Aucuba
  • Boxwood
  • And Many More!


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