Indoor & Outdoor Pest Control #TheNaturalWay (Part 3)


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We went over our four session spray program. A long with proper property management, these two form the strongest defense against tick and flea populations. We are super proud of our all organic spray we have  been working on for over a decade. You can read more  here.

Today, we are excited to share some valuable information on the devastating effects of ‘second death’ from the use of black boxes.

Conventional methods, although fairly effective and inexpensive- have long lasting and wide spread effects on our loved ones, pets and the nature we coexist with. In California, the only state other than New York that has looked carefully, rodenticides showed up in 78 percent of mountain lions, 84 percent of San Joaquin kit foxes, and, in San Diego County, 92 percent of raptors. In New York rodenticides were found in 49 percent of 12 species of necropsied raptors. For great horned owls the figure was 81 percent.


Our Rodent & Vermin Protocol:

“As we become more and more aware of the collateral damage that the black rat poison stations are causing we feel we need to let you know about this wildlife tragedy. Rat poisons find their way to hawks, foxes, cats, dogs and other natural predators of rats.” – Antonio

The collateral damage numbers are alarmingly high as these black boxes launch poisoned killer rats into our immediate environment.

We are taking action by using approved rodenticides that aim at rats only. No collateral damage like the black boxes used around so many Long Island homes. Our bates are vitamin based and approved by the E.P.A. and more importantly approved by the Organic Materials Review Institute or OMRI.


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