Indoor & Outdoor Pest Control #TheNaturalWay (Part 2)


In our last blog,

We discussed the problem with conventional pest control methods. We mentioned how they have a myriad of harmful effects on both our individual and collective health. This continued series of blogs aims to go more in depth regarding some of the services we offer and the natural methods we use to remove pests from our businesses and homes.

Our Flea & Tick Program



“The only way to be successful in protection from ticks or any other morphing pest pressure is to be aware of the population and behavioral changes and act in a constructive metered way.” -Antonio

Our tick world is changing! The tick threat is growing with new diseases and new ticks. It’s no longer only Lyme disease. But Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Human Granulocytic Anaplasmosis and Babesiosis are now here on the island. Some poor souls get multiple diseases from a single tick bite.

We are proud of our Organic Tick and Flea program and have been
VERY successful with it.

We spray four times a season. April, May, June & August. As populations change we adapt our scheduling. Customers report back to us great improvements in their ability to safely use their yard in the summer.

 For decades, we have been improving our formula- constantly seeking to increase our kill rate.

This spray program along with proper property management form the strongest defense against tick and flea populations.



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