A HEALTHY Diet for your Bees!


If the bees disappear, we’ll all be stung! – David Suzuki


We felt inspired to write this blog because of a recent issue we came across while walking one of our clients properties.

This particular client has kept tens of thousands bees on their property for a number of years. This past season, an overwhelming number of their bees never returned to the hive and died. Simply for the reason that they migrated to pollinate and collect nectar from neighboring properties. These neighboring lands were laden in chemicals and neurotoxins from chemicals and pesticides used in conventional landscaping practices.

We are always striving to find solutions for our clients, The Natural Way.

With this in mind, we realized that the only way to keep our bee friends away from the neighbhoring properties and their ‘junk food diet’ was to give them a reason to stay local! In this case we were able to provide plants to be strategically planted, with the hope of keeping the bees closer to home and yet even better fed.

A Solution so your bees can FLOURISH & THRIVE!

One of the departments of The Natural Way, is a specialty nursery of perennials and herbs. Many of our organically raised plants are heavy pollen producers. Currently we have now Beebalm, Oenothera, Liriope, Hostas, Siberian Iris, Echinacea, Rudbeckia (both standard & tall), sedum and many others.  You can even have us make selections for sun, shade and for sequence of blooming. Not only does this protect your bees from wandering to potentially hazardous lands, but provides them a bountiful cornucopia of food and nutrients, yielding to better quality honey and increased hive production.

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